Stacey’s Story


After living in a hostile, emotionally abusive environment for over a decade Stacey finds herself at Hope House and feels safe and secure for the first time since she can remember. Her 4 children are loved on and nurtured. She is assisted in parenting, boundaries and her custody battle. She slowly finds her voice and begins to stand taller and ask for what she needs for her and her children. She is on a new journey.



Melinda's Story


Coming from a broken home filled with abuse of various natures, Melinda sought out things that filled her need to feel loved and accepted. Experimenting with drugs at an early age and making a series of poor choices that led to her burning bridges with any healthy relationships she had, Melinda found herself pregnant and alone. Once her daughter was born she continued to make poor choices and realized her child would be better off with others. Reaching out to her father, who had made a decision to draw a line that Melinda was not allowed to come around, she asked him and his wife to take her daughter while she figured things out. The years passed and she chose to be homeless time and time again, not wanting to reach out for help, feeling alone and more comfortable abusing substances and wandering from place to place than seeking out resources or healthy relationships. Finding herself pregnant again and not wanting to bring another child into her lifestyle, she finally sought help through a Maternity home. While there she was referred to Hope House for transition after having her son, she was interviewed and accepted. After moving in she was quiet and kept to herself. She was unsure of who she was or what she wanted. The only thing that made sense was her son and seeing her daughter when she was allowed. With the support of the teams at Hope House she was asked to dream about what she wanted her life to be. She attended groups and classes and soon found employment, fostered new healthy connections including child care and a supportive recovery community. During her stay in the Hope House Program, Melinda began healing broken relationships with her family which allowed her to see more of her daughter. Melinda is now independent, providing a safe, secure home for herself and her son and she is an inspiration to other single moms by continuing to be a part of Hope House as a volunteer. 



A woman who grows in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.