About Us...


Hope House began after seeing a huge need for housing in the rising population of women with young children, who were homeless or in crisis of being homeless. These women were walking through the doors of Green Valley Community Church seeking help. After realizing the common theme of lack of basic life skills and broken relationships, we researched and developed a program that would offer encouragement and support for these families to gain independence.

Since opening the Hope House program, 10 years ago, we have served 70 families and 149 children providing safety, opportunity and hope to overcome the pain of feeling alone, abandoned and forgotten.


Hope House is a drug, alcohol and tobacco-free transitional housing program for women with young children. We operate primarily with the generous help of volunteers-all of who donate countless hours of their time to ensure our program success. Through connections to community resources, counseling, parenting, employment assistance, legal help, mentoring and more, Hope House strives to empower women with all they need to be self sufficient. We welcome our residents with encouragement, providing experienced care and love.


All of our programs and services build upon the interests, skills, and gifts that are unique to each woman and her children in order to help them succeed on their own. In addition to the generous support of Green Valley Community Church and their campus programs, we collaborate with several agencies and organizations from CPS, Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs, Department of Health and Human Services, Local School Districts and various other programs and churches.